Nick Hart for Madison
Mayor - 2019


Hold My Drink, Senator is the official podcast of the 2019 Madison Mayoral election. Join Nick and his campaign manager, Matt, as they host insightful and important players in Madison municipal politics, including, most importantly, the other candidates.

Episode 3 - Special Guest: Fellow Mayoral Candidate Raj Shukla

On this third episode of the Hold My Drink, Senator podcast, Nick and fellow mayoral candidate Raj Shukla sound off about transportation issues across the city, the size of city government, civic participation, and the blooming state of Madison's lakes.

Also, although we don't achieve it in this particular episode, this is the inception of the idea to do a lightning round in future podcasts. Thanks for joining us, Raj.

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Matt Baier
Episode 2 - Andy Won't (or Can't) Vote for Nick and Other Much Needed Professional Analysis

Please pull up a chair and join the Nick Hart for Madison campaign as we welcome to the studio, Andy Gussert of Progressive Strategies, LLC., who is the State Alliance Director of Boys & Girls Club of Wisconsin, and a Wisconsin and Madison political operative.

We talk about the current political situation in Madison, discuss some of the key issues we see as important for the primary, thoughts on Mayor Paul Soglin’s re-entry into the race, some analysis of the other candidates, and political strategy straight from Andy to the Nick Hart for Madison campaign.

Insightful and invaluable information tailor-made for the campaign that we chose to include in a podcast readily available to Nick’s many political enemies.

Future episodes will have additional interviews with other experts and hopefully a chance to meet one-on-one with the entire mayoral field.

Thanks for listening and feel free to donate to the cause!

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Matt BaierComment
Episode 1 - Nick Hart Day

Join Nick and his campaign manager, Matt, for the inaugural episode of the Hold My Drink, Senator podcast, the official podcast of the 2019 Madison Mayoral race (as declared by Nick).

This first episode covers getting to know our candidate, what we plan for this podcast during the campaign season, Nick’s history in municipal politics, some discussion of the issues facing the city, and a brief rundown of the current mayoral field. And most importantly, the announcement of our newest holiday. Nick Hart Day. February 19, 2019.

Stay tuned for future episodes as we delve into more campaign-related shenanigans, provide updates and campaign news, and most importantly, as we continue to interview candidates and experts up to the primary.

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