Nick Hart for Madison
Mayor - 2019

Leave the struggle behind


Vote 2/19/19

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Nick Hart Day 2/19/19

Nick Hart, two-time Madison mayoral candidate and professional comedian, has joined the diverse field of amazing citizens and civil servants running for mayor of Madison, Wisconsin. Join the Nick Hart for Madison campaign as we support Nick in his complex and compelling quest to do all he can do to keep our fair city honest.

“It has been widely reported, in at least one news article, that this is a ‘semi-serious’ campaign. This cannot be further from the truth. I am a professional comedian, therefore I take my time very seriously, and I take others’ time seriously as well. It is municipal politics in Madison that is the joke.

I’m not getting involved in municipal politics for money, obviously. I’m getting involved because I’m interested in new ideas, and I’m running for mayor to exercise my civic duty.

This is also an experiment in spotting the disturbing trends and patterns in municipal voting. You cannot be a progressive city if twelve percent of the city’s registered voters bother to participate in their own mayoral primary. And that’s twelve percent of the people registered to vote. A city can claim to be progressive with only 22,000 out of 250,000 voting in a municipal primary election, but that claim is inaccurate.

Some people wonder, ‘What makes me qualified to be mayor?’ I wonder what qualifies the other candidates to be mayor, or even city council members? It’s certainly not pay. If pay is any indication of what it takes to be on city council, it’s 244 dollars a week. I’ve been paid more than that an hour to make people laugh. What makes me think I’m qualified? I can get 200 signatures to get my name on the ballot. After that, there really are no rules. Maybe brush up on zoning.

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely to already be involved in one of the other candidate’s campaigns. I’m not after your vote (although feel free). You’re already involved. I’m after the people who are not involved, because there’s a lot more of those people. And they just need someone to get them interested.


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